We Do EPDM, Metal and Shingle Roof Repair Work

Our team is based in Moline, IL and serves the Quad Cities area

If you have a roof leak, repair it quickly. Otherwise, water could seep into your property and compromise its structural integrity. At Family Lopez Construction, we specialize in EPDM, metal and shingle roof repairs.

We help protect properties in Moline, IL and the Quad Cities by...

  • Sealing gaps and leaks
  • Replacing damaged flashing and missing shingles
  • Completing other repairs as needed

Contact us today to request EPDM, metal or shingle roof repair services.

The process starts with an inspection

Once we climb onto your roof and determine the extent of the damage, we can come up with a plan to fix it. You can rest assured that our roof leak repair work won't stand out like a sore thumb - we'll replace any shingles and flashing with materials that look similar to your existing roof.

Reach out today to schedule a roof inspection in Moline, IL or the Quad Cities.